Як знайти агента Гріффіна?

Як знайти агента Гріффіна?

Michael Griffin has had an outstanding career. A fully licensed real estate agent and Justice of the eace, Michael started work in the property sector in 1997. Since then, he s gone on to own and operate his own real estate agency. While highly successful, Michael s desire to lift the bar prompted him to join McGrath, where he now handles property transactions across St George.

Michael is known as an agent with exceptional communication skills. Recognised for his honesty and integrity, Michael also has a reputation for communicating with his clients in an open and transparent manner. Warm and engaging, Michael believes that clients deserve to be fully informed about every facet of their sale, adding, if a friend asks them what s going on with their sale and they can t answer, then I m not doing my job.

Michael s commitment to his clients sees him work tirelessly to market their homes to the widest possible audience. He points out, the right marketing strategy can be the difference between a good sale and a great one, so I work very hard to ensure my clients homes are seen by as many buyers as possible. Michael s approach to real estate has proven to be very successful. Indeed, he has consistently achieved record sale prices in his 15-year career.

Buyers also appreciate Michael s trustworthiness and professionalism. Michael comments, I think open communication and hard work are the keys to all successful property transactions. When buyers approach me for help I make it my business to keep them informed and to make sure deals keep moving forward.

Ethical and effective, Michael consistently delivers outstanding results.

Як знайти агента Гріффіна?

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